Of Glastonbury

We are always interested in buying Libraries or individual titles, Please email With  the details of the books you have for sale, We are Always Interested In Books by the Following Authors:

Geoffrey Ashe
Alice Bailey
Franz Bardon
Harold Bayley
Annie Besant
Madame Blavatsky
Bligh Bond
W E Butler
Edgar Cayce
Andrew Chumbley
Andrew Collins
Aleister Crowley
John Dee
Stewart Farrar
Violet Firth
Dion Fortune
Gerald Gardner
R A Gilbert
Joan Grant
Kenneth Grant
W G Gray
Martin Keatman
Francis King
Gareth Knight
C W Leadbeatter
T C Lethbridge
Katherine Maltwood
G R S Mead
Israel Regardie
Alan Richardson
Osman Austin Spare
Maxine Sanders
Rudolf Steiner
Doreen Valiente
A E Waite
Basil Wilby